MessageMe is now available on your favorite web browser. Designed to match the functionality of our smartphone app, we’ve provided a lightweight and intuitive way to take your conversations online whenever you want. Now, with a full keyboard at your fingertips, experience an easy way to connect with all of your friends in rich and engaging ways.
Key Features:

  • Take the conversation anywhere: All your messages are synchronized across both mobile and web, so chat with your friends whenever and wherever you want

  • Easy content sharing: Quickly drag-and-drop photos, send YouTube videos and even play animated GIFs

  • Get creative: The doodle feature is back and re-envisioned for the web! Create your own custom work of art using your mouse or even a tablet


User Names:

Quick! Open your MessageMe app and claim your own username. It’s the easiest way to not only express your unique online persona, but also to connect with all of your friends. Be sure to log in and reserve the one you want today before someone gets to it first!

A few facts:

  • We’re growing fast: Since launch, we’ve become a community of more than 8M users, with the largest regions being Russia, the United States, and the Middle East

  • We’re socialites: When users are online in MessageMe, they’re most engaged through groups. Today we have over half a million active groups with an average of 15 people per group

  • We all communicate different: In the United States photos and stickers are shared the most, at over 2 million sent per day. In the Middle East and Asia Stickers and Voice Notes are the most predominant medium

We really appreciate the amazing efforts of our community in testing our new releases and features. This is the first step in introducing key products that are launching soon and we will continue to build an amazing experience for our current and future customers.

Thank you from MessageMe Co-Founders, Alex, Arjun, Justin and Vivek


Today, we’re introducing an easier way to send photos. When you go to send and share your moments on MessageMe, you’ll now see a camera icon. Tap it to instantly enter our new camera interface, where you can snap a photo, choose who to send it to, then immediately enjoy your favorite moments together with those that matter most to you.


You’ll also find that we’ve added stickers, built specifically to enhance natural and private conversations. A single sticker can allow you to express how you feel at any given moment, allowing you to say more than just “hey”. A big thanks to our partners, TinyCo and Hullabalu, that helped launch their stickers on our platform.


We’re excited to see what the community will contribute with photos and stickers, whether it’s the family expressing a morning feeling, a photo from halfway around the world, a high schooler laughing with their friends or your favorite futbol team competing on the field.

We’re committed to allowing individuals to express themselves using any medium they choose. We will continue to build a service that augments a natural and emergent language that heavily utilizes visual expression on connected devices. You can learn more about how to
send photos and stickers on MessageMe by visiting the Help Page

The MessageMe App is available for free from the App Store on IPhone, iPad and iPod touch, or at http://www.appstore.com/MessageMe

Thank you from MessageMe Co-Founders, Alex, Arjun, Justin and Vivek



At MessageMe, our ambition lies in the goal to change the way people communicate around the world, and the mediums through which they connect.  From a text message, to a song clip, to those personal moments with your best friends, we’ve built a product which is now used by more than five million people to communicate one day to the next.

While communication means something different to everyone, whether it be our users in North America, Europe or Asia, or 15-20 year old males or females, what remains the same is the desire for freedom of expression.  Pencil and paper revolutionized communication by allowing for more accessible and ubiquitous mediums of expression; we’ve set out to build a service that accentuates this natural style on connected devices.

We’ve been a small and lean team that have worked together through many companies, through many ups and downs. We started building our product at the True Ventures offices in San Francisco, and launched the early iterations from the office as a team of four.  Since then, we’ve always stayed small, adding only a few members to the current team of ten.  More importantly, we’re excited to be a part of a team of millions that wake up every day and choose MessageMe to communicate.

Today, we’re excited to officially announce that we’ve raised a $10 million round led by John Lilly from Greylock Partners, along with our previous partners.  John, who was formerly the CEO at Mozilla, brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge in creating, managing and growing mobile and social products that touch millions of people.  Greylock, as a whole, brings years of experience in mentoring and supporting some of the most exciting and successful companies that we aspire and look up to: Tumblr, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and many more.

A few facts:


   •  1 million: 10 days after launch.
   •  5 million and counting: 75 days after launch.


   •  2: The average number of images uploaded per second, 65 days ago. 
   •  8: The average number of images uploaded per second, today.


   •  500: Average notifications per second, 65 days ago.
   •  1500: Average notifications per second, today.

We’ve got some groundbreaking additions in the pipeline, aiming to change the way we look at communication happening in our world.  We’re excited to help lead a team that pushes the envelope on what’s possible, while focusing on first-class products.

We appreciate the continued support from our community, and we hope to bring a better experience with every release moving forward.

Thank you from MessageMe Co-Founders, Alex, Arjun, Justin and Vivek




We launched MessageMe a little over a week ago on the App Store, and we’re excited about the feedback we’ve received so far - many people have made MessageMe their primary messaging platform, and that’s awesome. We’ve also seen media coverage from outlets including The New York Times, TechCrunch and Mashable, among others.

We spent the last year building MessageMe with the goal to deliver a fun, rich and engaging experience by adding expression to messaging. We believe a core communication service like messaging can, and should, do more to keep up with the technological advances in the smartphone market. We’re proud of where we are and we believe it’s a step in that direction.

Now we’re pleased to share that we have received seed investment from True Ventures, First Round Capital, Google Ventures, SVAngel, Resolut.vc, Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners and The Social+Capital Partnership. We also want to acknowledge our angel investors: Brian Pokorny, Hiten Shah, Eric Wu, Rex Ng, Darian Shirazi, Pooj Preena and Suleman Ali.

At their core, smart phones are designed for communication, yet we see little innovation in this area. MessageMe brings the full power of the smartphone to an engaging messaging application, and that excites me.” - Rich Miner, General Partner at Google Ventures.

A few facts:

  • We’re growing quickly: Since launch, we’ve grown to a community of more than 1M users, with the United States and Europe leading the charge.

  • When people download MessageMe, they’re active: We’re currently sending over 500 notifications per second worldwide.

  • People love sharing media: In the United States alone, more than 10 million doodles have been shared, along with more than 4 million songs on iTunes.

This is only the beginning. We have a lot of work to do moving forward, and we’re already heads-down taking in a ton of early feedback and making MessageMe even better. Again, thanks to everyone who has downloaded MessageMe and made it their primary messaging service. We hope you will continue to help us build a great product that delivers a truly amazing experience.

We humbly thank our users around the world who helped us pull off a fantastic launch, and we look forward to sharing more news soon!

Thank you from MessageMe Co-Founders, Alex, Arjun, Justin and Vivek



A day late, but nonetheless we’re proud to announce the official launch of MessageMe: the all-in-one mobile messenger!

Communication is an ever-evolving art; from the creation of the printing press, to the modern day computer, people have always sought to reinvent and streamline the mediums through which we express ourselves with one another.  Now, with MessageMe, we’re aiming to redefine the way one thinks about mobile communication in the 21st century by crafting an experience that is not only more accessible, but also more personalized.

Never be hindered by limited expression again as MessageMe integrates all your favorite ways to connect. In one easy-to-use interface, send pictures, videos, voice recordings and more with everyone important to you: all from the simple push of a button!

Personalize your message

MessageMe offers you the freedom and versatility to express your own unique personality in every message.  Using the doodle feature, have fun creating great drawings, or doodling directly upon images of your friends. Then, with built in Facebook and Twitter connectivity, you’re given an unparalleled degree of freedom to share your favorite works of art with everyone.

Enjoy group chats

Custom group chats allow you to share in rich and engaging ways with all of the people who matter most.  Instantly capture a picture of your first day at a new job to show to your family or share your favorite YouTube videos with all of your closest buddies; it’s all possible with MessageMe. 

Connect with friends

Spend less time searching for your friends and more time chatting with them!  Right from the start, MessageMe utilizes all of your existing social circles by syncing with your phone’s contacts, and allowing you to add MessageMe friends via their PIN, email or phone number.  Talk with everyone the world over or easily link up with friends wherever they may be using our location sharing features. 

Get MessageMe now