A day late, but nonetheless we’re proud to announce the official launch of MessageMe: the all-in-one mobile messenger!

Communication is an ever-evolving art; from the creation of the printing press, to the modern day computer, people have always sought to reinvent and streamline the mediums through which we express ourselves with one another.  Now, with MessageMe, we’re aiming to redefine the way one thinks about mobile communication in the 21st century by crafting an experience that is not only more accessible, but also more personalized.

Never be hindered by limited expression again as MessageMe integrates all your favorite ways to connect. In one easy-to-use interface, send pictures, videos, voice recordings and more with everyone important to you: all from the simple push of a button!

Personalize your message

MessageMe offers you the freedom and versatility to express your own unique personality in every message.  Using the doodle feature, have fun creating great drawings, or doodling directly upon images of your friends. Then, with built in Facebook and Twitter connectivity, you’re given an unparalleled degree of freedom to share your favorite works of art with everyone.

Enjoy group chats

Custom group chats allow you to share in rich and engaging ways with all of the people who matter most.  Instantly capture a picture of your first day at a new job to show to your family or share your favorite YouTube videos with all of your closest buddies; it’s all possible with MessageMe. 

Connect with friends

Spend less time searching for your friends and more time chatting with them!  Right from the start, MessageMe utilizes all of your existing social circles by syncing with your phone’s contacts, and allowing you to add MessageMe friends via their PIN, email or phone number.  Talk with everyone the world over or easily link up with friends wherever they may be using our location sharing features. 

Get MessageMe now


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