At MessageMe, our ambition lies in the goal to change the way people communicate around the world, and the mediums through which they connect.  From a text message, to a song clip, to those personal moments with your best friends, we’ve built a product which is now used by more than five million people to communicate one day to the next.

While communication means something different to everyone, whether it be our users in North America, Europe or Asia, or 15-20 year old males or females, what remains the same is the desire for freedom of expression.  Pencil and paper revolutionized communication by allowing for more accessible and ubiquitous mediums of expression; we’ve set out to build a service that accentuates this natural style on connected devices.

We’ve been a small and lean team that have worked together through many companies, through many ups and downs. We started building our product at the True Ventures offices in San Francisco, and launched the early iterations from the office as a team of four.  Since then, we’ve always stayed small, adding only a few members to the current team of ten.  More importantly, we’re excited to be a part of a team of millions that wake up every day and choose MessageMe to communicate.

Today, we’re excited to officially announce that we’ve raised a $10 million round led by John Lilly from Greylock Partners, along with our previous partners.  John, who was formerly the CEO at Mozilla, brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge in creating, managing and growing mobile and social products that touch millions of people.  Greylock, as a whole, brings years of experience in mentoring and supporting some of the most exciting and successful companies that we aspire and look up to: Tumblr, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and many more.

A few facts:


   •  1 million: 10 days after launch.
   •  5 million and counting: 75 days after launch.


   •  2: The average number of images uploaded per second, 65 days ago. 
   •  8: The average number of images uploaded per second, today.


   •  500: Average notifications per second, 65 days ago.
   •  1500: Average notifications per second, today.

We’ve got some groundbreaking additions in the pipeline, aiming to change the way we look at communication happening in our world.  We’re excited to help lead a team that pushes the envelope on what’s possible, while focusing on first-class products.

We appreciate the continued support from our community, and we hope to bring a better experience with every release moving forward.

Thank you from MessageMe Co-Founders, Alex, Arjun, Justin and Vivek


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