Today, we’re introducing an easier way to send photos. When you go to send and share your moments on MessageMe, you’ll now see a camera icon. Tap it to instantly enter our new camera interface, where you can snap a photo, choose who to send it to, then immediately enjoy your favorite moments together with those that matter most to you.


You’ll also find that we’ve added stickers, built specifically to enhance natural and private conversations. A single sticker can allow you to express how you feel at any given moment, allowing you to say more than just “hey”. A big thanks to our partners, TinyCo and Hullabalu, that helped launch their stickers on our platform.


We’re excited to see what the community will contribute with photos and stickers, whether it’s the family expressing a morning feeling, a photo from halfway around the world, a high schooler laughing with their friends or your favorite futbol team competing on the field.

We’re committed to allowing individuals to express themselves using any medium they choose. We will continue to build a service that augments a natural and emergent language that heavily utilizes visual expression on connected devices. You can learn more about how to
send photos and stickers on MessageMe by visiting the Help Page

The MessageMe App is available for free from the App Store on IPhone, iPad and iPod touch, or at http://www.appstore.com/MessageMe

Thank you from MessageMe Co-Founders, Alex, Arjun, Justin and Vivek

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